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38-04-0 Sodium lignosulphonate-MN2

    Detailed Description

    Index tems Test results
    PH Value 8.9
    Dry Matter 96
    Lignosulphonate 55
    Water insoluble matter 0.7
    Product Description :
    Sodium Lignosulphonate (lignosulfonate) water reducer are mainly for concrete mixture as water-reducing additive.Low dosage,low air content,water reducing rate is high,adapt to most kind of cement. Can confected as concrete early-age strength enhancer, concrete retarder ,antifreeze ,pumping aids etc.Nearly no precipitate product in the liquor additive which is made from The sodium lignosulphonate and Naphthalin-Group High-Efficiency Water Reducer.The sodium Lignosulphonate is fit for apply to building project,dam project, thruway project etc.

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  • 38-04-0 Sodium lignosulphonate-MN2
  • 38-04-0 Sodium lignosulphonate-MN2