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Calcium lignosulphonate MG-2

    Detailed Description

    CLS (fertilizer/ceramic/feed additives)

    Index Items Standard Value Test results
    PH Value 4-7 6
    Dry Matter 92%min 94%
    Lignosulphonate 55%min 56%
    Water insoluble matter 1.0%max 0.82%

    Calcium Lignosulphonate is a kind of natural anionic surface active agent processed with sulfurous acid pulping waste through advanced production technology. It can work well with other chemicals . This grade is speciallly used as ceramic/fertilizer/feed additives.

    Main performance:
    1. Used as ceramic bonder, increase green strength of ceramic body.

    2. Used as fertilizer raw material. calcium lignosulphonate is rich of many mocroelement and organic materials. It performs well as fertilizer raw materials.

    3. Used as animal feed additives.

    Packing, storage & transportation:
    1, Packing: 25kg in PP woven bag lined with plastic film.
    2,Storage: Kept in dry and ventilating place, prevent from rain and moisture when storage; if agglomerated, please crush and make it into solution, and its effect will be the same.

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  • Calcium lignosulphonate MG-2
  • Calcium lignosulphonate MG-2